Oh New Years

Why is the New Years Resolution so hard to resist?  I guess life is all about cycles and when one starts anew we just can’t resist the urge to regroup and try again.

In the spirit of trying to do something that I can actually achieve, my goal for this year is to increase my self-care.  This encompasses many things and the first of which must be diet and exercise.

I found a set of easy strength exercises I can do at work in the “quiet room” and was able to do one set today (Level I is three sets, that’s not happening…).  I will stick with that for the next week or two and then bump it up to two sets.


I plan to elliptical each day for at least 5 minutes to build a habit.

For food, this week is all about getting back in touch with my body and my feelings of satiety (aka not overeating).

I think this is a good start.  Based on my Fitbit which I got for the holiday, there is really nowhere to go but up!


Tonight we take measurements and get the ball rolling!

Changes we’ve already made


Today was one of those days where I needed reminding about the progress I and we have already made.  Here’s a list of things we are doing to lighten up!

  • I used the elliptical for the first time in a while last night!
  • We’ve increased our veggie intake immensely
  • I only had two/three Starbucks drinks last week, down from 7!
  • We’ve been actively using our Jitbits and sending each other updates and using it as motivation to do more and more each day and to get out and walk and climb stairs
  • We have a budget
  • We didn’t eat out once last weekend (except for a convenience store run)
  • We prepared and cooked a crazy amount of food over the weekend including a batch of OATMEAL!
  • We’ve been asking each other three questions every day to remind ourselves about our goals (Why do we want to limit our spending (money), What benefit do we get from eating well and exercising (health), and What do we hope to feel if we are neat and organized around the house (clean)
  • We come up with new and unique answers to these questions every day
  • We’ve managed to keep the house relatively clean and picked up!
  • Our dishwasher is working hard and our sink has stayed relatively empty
  • Our cars are definitely cleaner and more picked up consistently
  • We’ve gotten the kids involved and they are helping to pick up after themselves and putting their clothes in the hamper
  • I’ve eaten salad for lunch almost every day!
  • Mr. has only had two diet cokes today!

I mean, that’s a lot of stuff.  We are working hard, we need to remember that.

Distraction Distraction Distraction

my_starbucks_logoFinancially speaking, a daily Starbucks habit is not the best thing for me.  Therefore I committed to NO STARBUCKS this week!

I almost succeeded.

I only got Starbucks once and, with the policy on campus, was able to come back in the afternoon for a 54 cent refill which I saved for the next day.  So I came out way ahead there.

As my distraction I did a color photo challenge and rather than having an outing for a coffee, I had a photography outing which was a lot more fun and helped me gain far more steps on my Fitbit.

Here’s my collage in YELLOW

PicCollageIt was so much fun!  I plan to do others in different colors to help distract my Starbucks habit and keep me looking forward to my outings.


Where we are now

startOur main goal is to pay off all of our credit card debt.  Realistically it will take a while and we haven’t put a date on it because there are always so many moving parts to our finances.  However we have a rough goal of two years.

Where we are now:

  • $33,351.01 to pay off in credit card debt
  • Mrs: 40 lbs to lose
  • Mr: 12 lbs to lose and build muscle
  • Regular workout plan
  • A place for everything in our home
  • Regular cleanup/organization habit

This all was really hard for me to type that but now that I’ve done it, I am relieved.  It’s there in black and white.  And that’s the whole purpose of this blog, right??

Stay tuned for the plan of attack.

Freedom is the oxygen of the soul

balloonsThis amazing quote by Moshe Dayan sums up why we want to be debt free.  My little family and I have been battling credit card debt for far too long.  We make a little progress and then something gets in our way.  We want to fully commit to getting out from under this debt, lift this burden, so we can feel total freedom.

Over the next few days I will be posting where we are now and our goals and then our strategy for getting there.  After that, it will be about execution.  We plan to post progress, roadblocks and details of our journey.

I did not learn great money  management skills or some very important general life skills so now it’s time to teach myself and learn from others out there that have gone before me.  I have been carrying debt for almost twenty years and I’d like to know what it feels like to stop.  Maybe I will learn more than I bargained for along the way.  And maybe I can help my kids do better than I did.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!