This is weird

When I was pregnant I took really good care of myself.  I was able to do this because in my mind I was taking care of my child by treating my body well.  I went to water aerobics, I cut sugar almost completely out of my diet, I was diligent about what I was putting into my body, I ate lots of small meal-snacks, took my vitamins…all good stuff.

So I have been telling myself, just eat the way you did when you were pregnant.  So simple.

Then I thought, what if I took it a step further than that and imagined I was pregnant in order to really change my mindset.

Okay, this is the weird part…

Then I thought, what if I imagined I was pregnant with myself.

Okay, here me out here.  Have you ever heard of this concept where people almost go through a process with their therapist where they imagine being born again?  They get wrapped up really tight like they are in the womb and then do water therapy to simulate the womb.

I wouldn’t take it that far but it’s kind of the epitome of taking care of myself.  Doing for myself what I did for my own children.  Basically parent myself.

Anyway, it kind of works for me.  I struggle with how I can stay in this mindset but I think it’s worth a shot!


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