Some things I think a healthy person does

Here are some things I think healthy people do:

  • Exercise for half hour a day
  • Take the stairs
  • Choose not to eat a donut
  • Get up even when they don’t feel like it
  • Brush and floss their teeth
  • Eat breakfast
  • Drink water
  • Go to the dentist regularly
  • Go to the doctor regularly
  • Take breaks throughout the day
  • Take a walk and get some sunshine
  • Do what they can when they can #wycwyc
  • Take pride in their home
  • Recognize when something in their life isn’t working
  • Take steps to make their life better if something is not working
  • Value themselves enough to fight for their dreams
  • Sing a lot
  • Laugh a lot
  • Surround themselves with people that make them feel good
  • If they are lonely, reach out to a friend
  • Make mistakes and learn from them
  • Own up to their mistakes
  • Be honest even when it’s hard
  • Get to know themselves
  • Let go of society pressure and learn to like themselves as they are
  • Understand that there are some things they will never have and letting them go
  • Forgive those who have wronged them then choose to spend as little or as much time with those people based on how that person treats them now
  • Continues to search for things they love
  • Does something they love to do every day
  • Recognizes that time is fleeting so tries to enjoy each moment as it is
  • Takes pictures of themselves without scrutinizing
  • Renews library books on time
  • Meditate
  • Find down time to regenerate
  • Honor their needs

I could probably go on and on but it was interesting just to do this exercise and open my mind to what I believe a healthy person does.

Today I have taken the stairs, chose not to buy a sugary coffee and meditated, all in the name of faking a healthy person.  Oh and I had a beautiful salad to boot!


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