What would a healthy person do? This is my new mantra.  While I myself don’t feel like I am a healthy person, I can imagine what a healthy person would do and maybe I can just fake it till I make it.

This idea was suggested in a book I am reading (Super You by Emily V Gordon) which is awesome and comforting. I got the audio book which she reads and I have been listening to it on my morning commute which helps start the day off right.

She says:

Coming to a deep understanding about yourself does not always lead to a change in behavior. Sometimes behavior changes kick starts understanding.

I realized that I have been hoping that some great and deep understanding of my behavior would automatically translate to eating changes and the weight would just drop off without any effort on my part.  I wanted to skip the hard work.  And while I still think this is somewhat true (I need to listen to my body and wait for hunger and stop when satisfied) my food choices could be better by faking it for a while.  And then maybe I would be able to sidestep the “diet” trap that compels me to rebel and eat like total shit.

In a way, this information gives me hope, because otherwise I would have to just keep waiting for something (aka weight loss) that might never happen.

Tomorrow, a list of behaviors I think a healthy person employs every day.

Also, if you are interested, here are some interviews with Emily V Gordon:


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