Sucess snowballs!


Last week seemed to become a transition week.  We ate leftovers and processed food still in the cabinet.  We had trouble “wasting” the food we had while at the same time are attempting to eat more cleanly.

That seems to be over now.  We got rid of anything old or unneeded in the refrigerator and cleaned all the shelves.  We stocked it up with lots of delicious vegetables and homemade food.

We made Lasagna and ginger cookies, both of which turned out amazing and will be eaten all week.

I did my office exercises three times and ordered new tennis shoes.  I plan to implement 5 minutes per day on the elliptical and am introducing a 10 minute/day meditation.

In addition we cleaned the entire house, visited with family (including my brother-in-law who is fine now but had a heart attack and was in the hospital) and played ball and on the swing set.

In addition I started to record some projects we want to work on around the house to get ready for sale next year and to calm our house to a sanctuary broken down by

  • Organize and Purge (Laundry room, tools, craft stuff, etc.)
  • Organize, Purge and decorate (Hall bathroom, Living room, etc.)
  • Projects (paint bathrooms, paint bedroom, etc.)
  • To buy (barstools, organization tools, etc.)

In addition I gave some thought to actually using what we have.  First step is knowing what we have.  How many times do we save things for the future then they go bad or expire and we have never used them?  So part of my self-care mode is to actually use things until they are gone or toss them if I don’t want to use them.  This goes really well for craft stuff, toiletries and makeup, and clothes!

It was a good weekend and looking forward to building on this effort!


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