Oh New Years

Why is the New Years Resolution so hard to resist?  I guess life is all about cycles and when one starts anew we just can’t resist the urge to regroup and try again.

In the spirit of trying to do something that I can actually achieve, my goal for this year is to increase my self-care.  This encompasses many things and the first of which must be diet and exercise.

I found a set of easy strength exercises I can do at work in the “quiet room” and was able to do one set today (Level I is three sets, that’s not happening…).  I will stick with that for the next week or two and then bump it up to two sets.


I plan to elliptical each day for at least 5 minutes to build a habit.

For food, this week is all about getting back in touch with my body and my feelings of satiety (aka not overeating).

I think this is a good start.  Based on my Fitbit which I got for the holiday, there is really nowhere to go but up!


Tonight we take measurements and get the ball rolling!


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