Changes we’ve already made


Today was one of those days where I needed reminding about the progress I and we have already made.  Here’s a list of things we are doing to lighten up!

  • I used the elliptical for the first time in a while last night!
  • We’ve increased our veggie intake immensely
  • I only had two/three Starbucks drinks last week, down from 7!
  • We’ve been actively using our Jitbits and sending each other updates and using it as motivation to do more and more each day and to get out and walk and climb stairs
  • We have a budget
  • We didn’t eat out once last weekend (except for a convenience store run)
  • We prepared and cooked a crazy amount of food over the weekend including a batch of OATMEAL!
  • We’ve been asking each other three questions every day to remind ourselves about our goals (Why do we want to limit our spending (money), What benefit do we get from eating well and exercising (health), and What do we hope to feel if we are neat and organized around the house (clean)
  • We come up with new and unique answers to these questions every day
  • We’ve managed to keep the house relatively clean and picked up!
  • Our dishwasher is working hard and our sink has stayed relatively empty
  • Our cars are definitely cleaner and more picked up consistently
  • We’ve gotten the kids involved and they are helping to pick up after themselves and putting their clothes in the hamper
  • I’ve eaten salad for lunch almost every day!
  • Mr. has only had two diet cokes today!

I mean, that’s a lot of stuff.  We are working hard, we need to remember that.


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