Distraction Distraction Distraction

my_starbucks_logoFinancially speaking, a daily Starbucks habit is not the best thing for me.  Therefore I committed to NO STARBUCKS this week!

I almost succeeded.

I only got Starbucks once and, with the policy on campus, was able to come back in the afternoon for a 54 cent refill which I saved for the next day.  So I came out way ahead there.

As my distraction I did a color photo challenge and rather than having an outing for a coffee, I had a photography outing which was a lot more fun and helped me gain far more steps on my Fitbit.

Here’s my collage in YELLOW

PicCollageIt was so much fun!  I plan to do others in different colors to help distract my Starbucks habit and keep me looking forward to my outings.



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